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How to choose a bike for newbies?

Whether it's for environmental protection or for diversified travel, bicycles are always the best choice.

Whether you visit a nearby bike shop or buy a bike online, you will face the problem of too many choices. How to choose a bike that suits you is almost the number one problem for all novices........

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Why We Choose E-bike?

Faster Travel Times

Urban congestion causes traffic to run very slowly during peak hours, not to mention the roadblocks we often face. In this case, the benefits of e-bike are considerable.

A Better Form of Exercise

While ebikes do some work for you, they still count as exercise.

Much people are not physically fit enough to have a meaningful health and fitness benefit from cycling, but put them on an electric bike, and they can go out and ride for an hour and get a lot of exercise!

Comfortably Ride to Work

The physical activities you do during riding will cause your body to heat up and you will sweat. This is where e-bikes surpass standard bikes. Once you have a good intuition about the most comfortable physical exertion, you can use pedal power and throttle to help you complete the rest of the journey.


Promote blood circulation and improve metabolism

Regularly using your e-bike makes your muscle keep in a good use. This helps to increase the absorption of glucose by muscle cells, and leads to a series of body reactions, thus increasing the metabolic rate and improving the blood distribution of muscle and body.

Twofold saving

We usually spend lots of time in gym, or making time to jog in a near park. But for those who are busy with daily affairs, this is a great challenge.

Under such situation, you would like to use an e-bike along your trip. Our daily exercise is also free since you don't have to pay for a gym membership. Because your e-bike literally saves you the cost of petrol which is usually raised in recent time, the savings are twofold!

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