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A few knowledge on bicycle derailleurs.

Jun 22,2022 | Yeenor

What is a bicycle derailleur?

Nowadays, a bicycle derailleur is used to change the speed of the bike by changing the chain and the different front and rear size of the gear wheels to match.

Some people think that those gear wheels are for the bike to not be afraid of dropping the chain and falling to the next wheel and still be able to continue riding.

Some people mistakenly believe that a bicycle is equipped with a transmission to speed up the ride.

In fact, the maximum force a person can generate is only 0.4 horsepower. A derailleur is just a tool to help people get that maximum horsepower out easily.

What are the benefits of a derailleur?
Bicycles are generally used in the city, and there are actually many slopes in the city. For example, sometimes you feel a sudden sinking of the pedals on your bike, and there are often more slopes than you can judge with your eyes.

The advantage of a derailleur is that it can help you reduce your physical effort when you are not doing well. For example, when you have a cold, the physical exertion shouldn There are also women who are not in good health, students who are tired from exams, and older people who can use a variable speed bike flexibly. So there are really so many benefits of shifting bikes.

How do I use the derailleur?

Take a 27 speed bike as an example.

The gears of the front gear are 1-3 (1 for the small chainwheel) and the gears of the rear gear are ①-⑨ (① for the large flywheel), the correct gear combination in the process of using should be(Front-Rear):


It is recommended to use small chainwheel and large flywheel for starting and climbing, that is: 1-①~④, so that the minimum physical exertion and maximum efficiency. In the process of faster speed or downhill, you should use large chainwheel and small flywheel, that is, 3-⑦~⑨, so that you can avoid pedaling empty. When the car stops, the chain should stop at the gear with the smallest chainwheel and the smallest flywheel (1-①), so that the chain can avoid losing elasticity and stretching.

If you use the wrong gear, it doesn't mean the bike won't work, but it will greatly reduce the efficiency of physical strength use, accelerate the wear of chain, chainwheel and flywheel, and make the service life of derailleur decrease.


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