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Classification of bicycles

Jun 08,2022 | Yeenor

Currently, there are 12 subdivisions of bicycles. Only the daily needed or common ones are introduced here.

1.Mountain bike

Features: As the name suggests, it is a kind of bike suitable for running in the mountains. Then its advantages are obvious.MTB are less demanding on the road surface, no matter what kind of road surface can be ridden, less prone to flat tires. If it is riding to an unknown place, you don‘’t know what is the road conditions, at such times mountain bike is a better option.

Advantages: high strength (durable), stable gear engagement, wide tires, good shock absorption system (located on the front wheel of the handle). High applicability. Very suitable for long distances and different rough roads.

Disadvantages: low speed (large wheels, high friction), heavy car (wheels, body).

2. Road bikes

Features: As the name implies, a road bike is a bike specially designed to drive on the road. Road bikes are more suitable for veterans, but if you are a novice, it is recommended not to ride. Because road bikes are very demanding on the ground, it is possible that just a few small rocks may cause a road bike to blow out. In addition, if the ground is slippery road bikes are more likely to skid than mountain bikes and novices may not be able to control such vehicles.

Advantages: high speed, light weight and narrow tires.

Applicable: It is suitable for heavy cycling enthusiasts, and is mostly used for participating in competitions.

Disadvantages: Low applicability, high price (especially liked by thieves), high risk factor under fast speed. Low comfort (poor shock absorption)


3 Folding bike

Features:Folding frame, space saver.

Pros:First choice for commuting

Cons:Speed, durability and other aspects of indicators decline in exchange for the folding ability as a feature.


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