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Folding bikes can only be used for short distance/commuting?

Jun 15,2022 | Yeenor

In most people's minds, folding bikes can only be used for commuting and not as fast or stable as mountain bikes or road bikes.

Folding bikes were originally designed with portability in mind, so most folding bikes are 20 inches or less. In just a few seconds, you can put a folding bike into a suitcase or large backpack, an advantage that mountain bikes and road bikes cannot match. The problem with the small size is that the tires are also small, and it's hard to get the speed up with small tires in this case.

Compared to the monolithic frames of mountain bikes and road bikes, folding bikes use a foldable frame, which means that the overall rigidity and stability of the frame is reduced, but that doesn't mean it can't be used for long distances and rough roads.

Are folding bikes good for long distances? If all you want to do is ride a bike for long distances, then yes.

Compared to traditional small size folding bikes for short distance use, large size folding bikes designed for long distance or complex road conditions can definitely take a place in long distance travel.

Folding bikes may not exactly compare to road and mountain bikes on long trips, but they do have their own proprietary advantage, folding. You can fold the bike on the way or after a long trip to take the bus or train to the next stop or turn back, which greatly enriches the long-distance experience.


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