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How to choose a bike for newbies?

Jun 01,2022 | Yeenor

Whether it's for environmental protection or for diversified travel, bicycles are always the best choice.

Whether you visit a nearby bike shop or buy a bike online, you will face the problem of too many choices. How to choose a bike that suits you is almost the number one problem for all novices.

As a novice, in fact, the first factor to consider is the purpose of choosing a bike. Unlike buying other things, buying a bike that suits you doesn't have to consider the budget first. First of all, you should think clearly what kind of bike you are going to buy. This will instantly narrow down the range of choices.

As we all know, bicycles on the market at present can be roughly divided into: road bikes, MTB, folding bikes, city bikes, fixed-tooth bikes and electric-assisted bikes. Different models are designed for different riding environments and ways. Targeted, buying a bike suitable for your riding environment can make riding more comfortable and bring more fun to life.

1. Do you plan to use for commuting or short distance use?

Riding a bike to work can not only get you out of the crowded public transportation in the city, but also exercise properly. Coupled with the recent soaring oil prices, choosing to commute by bike can kill three birds with one stone.

When choosing a bike for commuting or short trips, the first consideration is to switch to a short-distance design bike, followed by comfort. A single-speed bike is enough to ride in the city, but a few more gears will make your riding more flexible and easier.

Considering the diversity of urban roads and the possible complex short-distance road conditions, we specially designed XD30 bicycle. The 7-speed gear designed for short-distance, the foldable frame design won't take up much space in the garage or room, and it can even be put in the trunk of the car. The 48V10.5AH battery can make the bicycle last nearly 40KM in pure electric mode. If you forget to charge your mobile phone before going to work or traveling, we have specially installed a phone holder for placing your mobile phone on the handlebar and reserved a USB charging interface. You only need to bring your charging cable to charge your mobile phone while driving. Removable battery, you can take off the battery to charge it anywhere and at any time. 80% of the assembly has been completed, and you only need to manually install the front wheels, handlebars, pedals and cushions before you can put them into use.

Such an electric bicycle with various functions is ready to go in the warehouse. You sure that you don't want to give it try? Click here to get your XD30 E-bike.


2. Enjoying the joy of crossing the mountain paths?


On a pleasant weekend, get on your bike, put down your phone, leave your navigation, and travel through the mountain passes and forests to find your other peace in nature. If you want to ride with your friends, enjoy the beauty of nature, or start a different journey, you can't do it without a bike designed for mountain roads and complicated surfaces.

MTB are born for rugged mountain forest roads. MTB can change speed; Use coarse grain tires, and good grip; The shock absorption system can cushion shock and is suitable for bumpy roads. MTB can also be used on city streets. MTB is the most compatible bikes.

There are many classifications of MTB. There are two types of shock absorption, one is hard-tailed MTB, and the other is soft-tailed MTB. Hard-tailed MTB have no rear shock absorbers, while soft-tailed MTB have rear shock absorbers; Both have shock-absorbing front forks.

Hard-tailed MTB, because there is no rear shock absorber, so the vast majority of the frame adopts one-piece modeling, and the weight is relatively light. The frame design is simple, and the maintenance is less than that of the soft-tailed MTB. Hard MTB are mostly used for commuting, leisure and entertainment, low-intensity off-road, and long-distance riding.

Soft-tailed MTB have rear shock absorbers, pivot points on the frame, and passive damping similar to the rear shock absorbers. Elastic materials deform at the end of the frame, which is relatively expensive in terms of materials and design. Soft-tailed MTB are mostly used for off-road riding with medium intensity or above and have better response-ability to complex road conditions.

The quality of a MTB can't be judged simply by soft tail or hard tail. Whether a MTB is equipped with rear shock absorbers or not depends on its scope of use and riding intensity. For example, if a MTB rides a road with rear shock absorbers, it will unload its force, and it will take a lot of strength to ride for a long time.

Occasionally, the hard-tailed MTB is better than the soft-tailed bike when going to the suburbs for cross-country, because the hard-tailed bike can't unload its force at all when pedaling on mixed roads, and its pedaling rigidity is high.

For high-intensity cross-country, the soft-tailed MTB is the first choice. It is very dangerous to challenge the rugged downhill with the hard-tailed bike, so don't make a random choice!

3. Maybe you should consider a composite function bike

Looking at the greater popularity of MTB, perhaps you didn't realize that, in fact, hybrid bikes actually appeared earlier than MTBs. Yes, you have read it right, electric bikes appeared earlier than MTB.

In 1895, Ogden Bolton Jr. patented the first battery-operated bicycle with a DC hub motor equipped with a 6-pole brush commutator at the rear wheel.

From 1977 to 1978, Joe Breeze introduced the Breezers custom frame, which, while still large compared to contemporary MTB, marked the beginning of customizing bicycle components for off-road use. Thus, although Joe Breeze did not coin the term "MTB", he was the inventor of the true meaning of the term.

Although e-bikes appeared earlier than MTB, they were slower to perfect than the latter. Early e-bikes used lead batteries, which were limited by weight and other reasons, and the popularity and development of e-bikes was not as fast as the lighter MTB. But with the development of the times, the 18650 battery pack now has long replaced the bulky lead battery, not only the safety security greatly improved, maintenance is also easier. The iteration of the motor has been updated, and now the brushless motor can better achieve energy conversion. This stage is the best time to start with electric bicycles.

The drawbacks of a soft-tailed MTB are not only perfectly solved with the addition of an electric power-assist system, but also retain more physical energy for you to enjoy the journey more. For players who are not very strong, the electric MTB can also be a good aid in driving the bike.

Hardtail MTB can effectively increase your long-distance riding distance and commute more easily after adding the electric power system, here you can refer to our MY26 E-bike.

Is there a more functional and cost-effective option? The answer is yes! We designed the LO26 E-bike specifically for this purpose, folding frame + soft tail + Shimano 21 derailleur, such a soft tail MTB, combined with the convenience of folding bikes to meet the challenge of a variety of road conditions soft tail dual shock design, common Shimano 21 derailleur to maximize the efficiency of your physical use, supplemented by electric power-assist system, so that your ride handier!

Here are some suggestions for other option

X09-Ebike: Folding frame bike, 4" fat tires, Shimano 7-speed transmission, USB charging interface, dual shock absorption. Meet the daily commute and short and medium distance journey; can adapt to a variety of road conditions, even if the road is snowy or on the beach can still be driven. Provide a USB charging port, just connect the charging cable, and realize both riding and charging.

T7 PLUS E-bike: 26"Aluminum alloy folding mountain frame,17.5AH lithium battery,1000W high speed brushless motor,SHIMANO 27 Speed,26"*4.0" M349P tires,hydraulic disc brake,front & rear suspension, specially designed for road ranger. The high-capacity battery ensures a long-range, and the power-assisted mode can last more than 100 km! The 1000W motor can ensure that you can climb a 35-degree slope even in pure electric mode; Shimano 27 speed, enjoy every part of your physical strength. The 4-inch fat tires are enough to cope with most road conditions, whether it's snow or beach. Upgraded oil disc brakes, a more energy-efficient choice than ordinary line brakes! Dual shock absorbers provide protection for your comfortable journey.


The above is yeenor's advice to newcomers, hope you can find your favorite bike here



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