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What is Yeenor?

Founded in 2015, Yeenor sells sports and outdoor products and is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, affordable sports and outdoor equipment.

Yeenor brand's main objective

To provide quality products and services for human beings to enjoy a healthy life of sunshine, leisure, and sports.

Yeenor brand's mission

To reach every corner of the world with heart and love, through our ability to make quality products made in China known worldwide.

Yeenor's Vision

To become a famous brand with global distribution of goods

Yeenor's Commitment

We are committed to our mission, to maintain and serve our customers with all our hearts.


Our Story

A young boy was born in Guangdong, China. His father was a cycling enthusiast, and most of his childhood happiness was written in the time of cycling and playing with his father. Under his father's influence, the boy had already learned at an early age to maintain and replace his own bike parts, upgrade his own bike, and give his father constructive advice. As he grew older, he was in contact with a larger cycling circle and had learned more. Many of his friends would come to him and ask for his opinion, whether it was a new bike or parts, and he was always able to pick the most cost effective style out of the many products that were overwhelmingly available. He enjoyed being able to offer valuable advice to others. Growth is not always smooth, and he had stepped in numerous pits of poor quality products, and the idea of making a brand of quality outdoor products was born in his heart, to benefit more people while providing value-for-money services.


In 2012, Yeenor was established in China, the founder of the brand is the man who loves outdoor and sports since childhood, and the name of Yeenor is taken from the Chinese idiom "a promise of a thousand gold", which means that Yeenor's products and services are not replaced by a thousand gold. Unlike other brands, Yeenor is not for earning money, but only for making better products and providing better services. As always, he provided cost-effective products for his friends. 2014, that man saw the news that someone sold inferior products maliciously to international friends, discrediting Made in China; he didn't understand why someone would do that, and at that moment, his heart was stung. He spent half a year learning international trade. in 2015, Yeenor officially took the international stage and began to spread his ideas around the world.


To date, Yeenor has accomplished most of its vision, and global offering access is now within reach. We are still developing various products and providing better services according to the needs of the moment. In the light of the current energy tension, Yeenor has opened up a category of power-assisted bicycles, and is committed to providing more cost-effective electric bicycles to cope with the energy tension and contribute to alleviating the current situation while achieving environmental protection, energy-saving, and emission reduction, and advocating green travel.


This site is mainly for EU customers. Our products are ready for shipment from our warehouses in Poland and Ireland, with a full range of spare parts. For more information, please refer to the We Love To Help terms and conditions at the end of this page.


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